In sustaining our Liberty, there can be no Justice without rule of law. Where it is a matter of the government versus our client, justice demands that we hold them accountable - be it a capital case, murder, drug possession, DUI, or juvenile offense, the government must prove their case and we will hold them accountable. Where the issue is a matter of personal injury or catastrophic fatality, rest assured, we will hold the offending party accountable.  Welcome to the law firm of Nuckolls & Nuckolls!


Where OUR Liberty is compromised as a matter of executive, congressional, state legislature, or merely an activist judges' discretion, ALL of our rights are diminished. There is no liberty, nor justice, without the rule of law! We are prepared and enthusiastically willing to bring the Fight to whomever seeks to undermine both Liberty and Justice to the detriment of our clients.  Whether it is the government, a municipality, an individual, an insurance company, or any other involved party, we will aggressively enter the Fight intent on being victorious.  Too many lawyers today retreat upon challenge by a judge, a statute, individuals, or insurance companies.  Again, welcome to the law firm of Nuckolls & Nuckolls where everything is about Liberty, Justice, and the Fight for our clients' interests!

Dedicated to Liberty, dedicated to Justice,

dedicated to the Fight!

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The voluminous federal and state laws provide the government with every conceivable opportunity to assault the freedoms guaranteed to us under what was, is, and what must be retaken as OUR Constitution. Never in the history of recorded time has there been a greater nation - or concept - than where "We the People" constrain the power of government under authority of such a glorious document.   From the Executive office to Congress to state legislatures to local municipalities, OUR LIBERTIES are being subtly stripped from us. This nation was formulated by the efforts of extraordinary minds who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in an effort to forge a new government and to create a an entirely new political construct.  "We the People" limit the government and have a say in its application of laws.  Yet, "We the People" require an advocate to defend our liberties.  Welcome to the law firm of Nuckolls & Nuckolls!